Welcome to Monte Rosa Camping.
This is a car free campsite.

We have created a new Reception where you can be admitted showing your personal documents at registration during the check in hours: 14:30/19:00

At the Center, there are some practical informations that we would appreciate you taking care of:

Check in/Check out time

  • Check in is from 14.30 to 19.00

  • Check out before 11.00

If a late check-in or late check-out are necessary, an extra payment will be required.
For a late checkout, after 11:00 but before 17:00,
50% of the day-fee is charged for.

In order not to disturb the other guests, we ask you not to set up your tent after 21.00
The Staff will appreciate knowing your arrival time in advance.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciate.

The Gate Schedule:

  • The main gate will open at 8.00 and close at 22.00
  • Cars are only allowed on the campsite for unloading and/or loading.
  • No cars or Vans are allowed to pass the lower access bar after 22.00

For security reasons, visitors to our guests are not allowed without the permission of the Staff. More than a one hour visit will be charged as new guest.

Every visitor must show identification documents at the Welcome Center.

We love visitors that want to take a look at the place first and we will be happy to accompany them for a tour.  For security, we will ask for identification to do so.


We want you to enjoy your stay at Camping Monte Rosa.
You are warmly welcome to camp here if you’re aligned to the Back to Nature Life style and  respect  the courtesy policy. If necessary, The Staff may invite inappropriate guests to leave.

As a guest of the Campsite, you are invited to respect correct trash management. Special waste bins for plastic, glass, paper, organic and general waste are located in the appropriate area.
In order to maximize the enjoyment of your experience here, we appreciate if you reduce the time spent on electronic devices.

As a courtesy to all guests and environment, any form of smoking is not encouraged. There is no designated area for smoking in the Campsite.

Personal pets: Camping Monte Rosa welcome your pet, when they are quiet and kept on a leash. This ensures the respect for other guests and for nature.
Children: children are welcome at the Campsite. We provide areas for them to play in nature near the parking lots. As a courtesy to the other guests please confine playtime to the designated areas.
Chemicals and other non eco friendly products, please don’t use any chemical product as we must avoid contamination of the soil. Respect the life of insects and every creature here.
Eco cleaning: we recommend the use of natural washing products for your showers, dish washing, washing machine, etc. Eco friendly products are available on demand.
Barbecue: the campsite provides a designated barbecue area. Please do not make fire on the grass and be respectful of your neighbors while cooking.
Respect of the Silence: during the daytime, please, listen to music or watch TV only with headphones.
During the evening hours from 21.00 to 10.00 respect the silence.

Reservation: it’s possible to send to info@campingmonterosa.eu a request for a reservation.