In the early 60s a local teacher named Tarcisio Cattrini had the ambitious idea of transforming an uncultivated portion of land in front of his family home into a Camp Site.
At that time the valley of Anzasca was remote, difficult to reach and there were very few contacts with foreigners.
The road through the valley was almost impassible and it took much more time to reach San Carlo from the bottom of the valley than it does today.
Not many people would have envisioned that tourists would begin to arrive in the little village.
But there was something else in his mind.
The vision for Tarcisio was clear. To create a place of goodwill, friendship and cultural exchange.
He made it happen!

Belonging to Nature

60 years later, the world would change completely. The idea of Camping evolved and customers had other ideas about how Camping could be enjoyed.

At this point, 2019, his son Luca decided not to give up with the small family business and beging to envision a different way of conceptualize the Campsite.
Looking for a different type of clientele, he had a new inspiration, pairing his professional activity as a Life Coach and trainer with his strong connection with life in Nature.
In the age of global warming and technological change, the connection with Nature became a weak point for the older generation and an unknown element for the new ones.
For Luca, ensuring for the guests a genuine environment in touch with Nature became his mission.
He would provide a place where people can understand the meaning of belonging to Nature.
Following the teaching skills of his father, he decided that the Campsite would become an environment where people not only can rest but also improve their life style if they chose to.
This is why “belonging to Nature” is the claim on the home page of this website.