Nature Retreat

Nature Retreat

Everyone has a point of view, it’s natural. This is our comfort zone. Where our beliefs and actions match.
What happens when we encounter points of view of others?
We grow.

This is what we aspire to do here.
Using the metaphor of the mountain peaks, changing your position means to discover a different landscape. We will literally bring you up to the mountain and give you the opportunity to see things in your life differently and to think about it in a totally different way.

Remaining in our comfort zone, our point of view limits our vision of the world around us. Moving from that point to different points of view, allows you to see what the others see.
As you walk over different mountain peaks, we will allow you to see many new things and to think in a totally different way.


Nature has a positive effect on the brain.
Science demonstrates the powers of the natural world to improve health, promote reflection, innovation, and strengthen our relationships.

Connection with Nature is Life Starting from that basic concept, we will develop paths for your personal growth, using innovative tools and techniques.
You will experience the power of Silence, the meaning of Mindfulness, and the pleasure of Forest Bathing.


The special months for us are June and September when Nature changes its rhythm.
However, we can customize your workshop’s needs from May until the end of October.

We are available to define with you other workshops following your needs