Camping Monterosa


At Camping Monterosa Natural Sense we have a particular sensitivity, we believe in simple things. Commonplace things are distant from our way of being.

We believe in the link between good thoughts and words. We certainly do not lack in doing kind things.

From our point of view, Humans are part of a global ecosystem that includes all living creatures. We shouldn’t be masters of the world but beneficiaries in charge.

We consider ourselves part of Nature, we are Nature!

We are in harmony with the other primary elements, especially with mother Forest.

We condemn oppression between human beings and all kinds of cruelty to animals.

We promote Harmony, Balance and Respect

We are humble in respect to what is greater than us.

We have no needs other than fire, earth, air and water.

Profit is not our first goal, but we will appreciate you paying the bill before leaving.

And last but not least, we have a great heart. Treat it with care!

Do you want to share this "spirit" with us?